Conai Escalator | The 125th Birthday of Escalator

Conai Escalator | The 125th Birthday of Escalator
Conai Escalator from 2018-01-31
      On January 16, 1893, a man named Jesse W. Reno had just installed the first inclined elevator at Coney Island's Old Wharf, and the world would never be the same.
      As a public head tilt elevator, 25 degrees angle of 7 feet. Escalators, as is now known to all, now have more to the point of view of the park in Reno.
      Today is the 125th anniversary of the birth of an escalator, and escalators travel daily from 1893 through shopping malls, retail stores, airports, stadiums and, of course, the London Underground.
      So, as a birthday present, we show you all the fantastic facts you'd like to know about the escalators.
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How does escalator work?
      Most people embark on a miraculous invention, will not give the escalator a small idea, we must forget those who are on the wrong side. But for those who have had a brief epiphany when riding an escalator and trying to figure out how the last step disappears everywhere, it is actually quite simple.
      Escalators have not changed much since Reno showed up in New York City. In short, this is a conveyor that uses a rotating chain to pull the platform up and down continuously.
      There are two successive loops on both sides of the escalator to pull the stairs. As the stairs disappear on the ground, they continue to cycle until it returns to the top, just like a conveyor belt. There is a motor on the top of the escalator to rotate the gear while rotating the armrest at the same speed as the stairs.
      The return gear at the bottom of the escalator ensures that the stairs can be swiveled again to complete the journey on the lower half. All this happens on the truss. The area between two floors.
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