The World's 10 Most Escalator

The World's 10 Most Escalator
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The World's 10 Most Escalator(1/2)

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      Numerous designs and many show unexpected design features. The 10 extreme escalators are one step ahead of pedestrian traffic, and the civil engineering victory ensured nothing was "torn down."

The Oldest Escalators
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      Although the U.S. Patent Office first issued a planned patent for a device in 1859, the first working model was not completed nearly half a century later. Several inventors brought in escalators in the late nineteenth century, most notably Jesse Reno, whose "leaning elevator" was taken at Coney Island Amusement Park in New York in 1896. It looks like a trip: more like a hobby - even smaller than an escalator. Clearly some improvements are under way and Reno's patents were eventually acquired by Otis Elevator.


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      Early escalators have stairs made of wood - unfortunately, it happens to burn out. On November 18, 1987, one of the most notorious escalator accidents in history took place in a fire accident in London's underground metro network, killing 31 people. The fire at King's Cross St. Pancras Station took place under a wooden escalator built shortly after World War II. After the tragedy, most of the wooden escalators in London were removed and replaced. The rest of the rest can be seen (and equestrian) at Greenford Station.
The longest Escalator
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      Russia's Moscow Metro is a very significant project, starting from 1931, the initial construction, opened in May 1935 the first line. The Park Pobedy Station on the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line opened in 2003 with 126.8 meters (413 feet) of escalators and 740 steps. From start to finish, taking the Park Pobedy escalator may take 3 minutes. Why are escalators so long? One thing called Cold War - subway stations built after World War II are often sited so deeply that they can act as backup shelters if needed.
The shortest escalator
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      The long escalators are long and short for some reason ... Well, the reason they exist is not so easy to see. Take the escalator at Okadaya Mores Mall in Kawasaki, Japan as an example ... but do not blink or you'll miss it. This ridiculous short - only 5 steps - the escalator rises only 32.8 inches (83 cm) vertically. My guess is that the contractor has some surplus building material and thinks it is best to use them instead of dumping them.
The highest escalator
      You do not usually associate an escalator with a skyscraper; that is, their cousin, where the elevator comes in. Then, Umeda Sky Building, Osaka, Japan, is the seventh tallest building in the city. Built as high as 568 feet (173 meters) in 1993, this tower consists of two 40-storey towers with a series of escalators leading to the second floor. The atrium, which crosses the roof of the building and the high-rise, is separated by a pair of escalators.
The narrowest escalator
      One can not designate either escalator as the "narrowest" because an escalator of about 16 inches (40 cm) in width is standard on that day. These narrow escalators are usually installed by department stores and transit (usually train) stations, so these narrow escalators can not be side by side, and considering the soaring U.S. obesity rate for more and more horizontal challenge riders This will be a challenge.


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