What is escalator chains and how to choose them?

What is escalator chains and how to choose them?
Conai Escalator from 2018-01-24
What is escalator chains and how to choose them?

Many different chains are one of the main parts of the escalator. The operation of an escalator needs to be driven by chains' different functions.

Step Chains, Handrail Pressure Chains and Reversing Chains (Rotary Chains)  are three major chains  parts of an escalator.

1.Step Chain

The chain is supported by a support wheel with a permanent lubrication and the step wheels on the cascade chain can run smoothly on the sprocket of the rail system, drive and tensioner ; Also make the load distribution evenly, to prevent premature wear of the rail system, especially in the reverse zone two cascade chain connected by the step shaft to ensure the stability of the overall  operation of the chain. The choice of the cascade chain should correspond to the height of the escalator. The load pressure of the chain pin is an important factor to prolong the service life of the cascade chain. The diameter of the chain pin must be selected reasonably to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the escalator.


2.Handrail Pressure Chain

The pressure chain is installed inside the escalator beside the friction wheel. The handrail is installed between the pressure chain and friction wheel.  Make the effect of force on the pressing of the wheel and chain rollers, fix and drive the operation of handrail. The mainly parameters of the handrail pressure chain like chain plate pitch (60MM,70MM,85MM,115MM), roller quantity and roller size.

3.Handrail Reversing Chain

The handrail reversing chain is installed under the handrail, and at top and bottom bend of escalator, the handrail is driven by the rotary chain to change the direction of operation.The mainly parameters of the rotary chain are link quantity (17/19/21/23 links...), roller quantity and roller size.

Thyssen Reversing Chain 24/27 links


How to make the step chains (Video)

How to fit the step and step chains (Video)

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