The Escalator parts is divided into several categories?

The Escalator parts is divided into several categories?
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The Escalator Parts is divided into several main categories?

The escalator consists of step system(variant plate conveyor) and two handrails (deformed belt conveyor). Its main components are steps, traction chains and sprockets, guide rail systems, main drive systems (including motors, decelerators, brakes and intermediate transmission links) drive spindles, step tensioners, handrail systems, comb plates, electrical system and so on. 

Step at the passenger entrance for horizontal movement (to facilitate passenger boarding) after the gradual formation of the ladder; close to the entrance of the ladder gradually disappear, the ladder again for horizontal movement. These movements are carried out by the main rollers and the auxiliary rollers traveling along different step rails respectively.

A complete escalator is composed of hundreds of parts and accessories. 

Escalator Parts is divided into several categories according to different performance and function.  

Main categories including step , roller , handrailchainselectrical systemsafety device systemlighting system......


The Structure and Main Parameters of Escalator



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