How to find your escalator comb plates?

How to find your escalator comb plates?
Conai Escalator from 2017-12-25

Conai Escalator Comb Plates

      Using escalators around the world to move the pedestrian traffic in unrealistic places on elevators. The escalator is a power-driven, continuously moving staircase designed to transport passengers vertically over short distances. The main areas of use include shopping malls, airports, transportation systems, trading centers, hotels and public buildings. The benefits of escalators are many. They have the ability to move a large number of people, they can be placed in the same physical space as the stairs. They do not have to wait for intervals unless traffic is heavy; they can be used to guide people toward major exits or special exhibits; they may be weatherproof for outdoor use. Grooves are designed to keep junk and footed objects from catching at the end of the escalator. As each step reaches the end of the escalator, the groove will enter the escalator comb plates at the top or bottom of the escalator (depending on its direction of travel) so that the shoe / luggage / other items are pushed upwards through their teeth Keep them from getting stuck.
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      Escalator combplate are teeth or plates that engage the pedal cleats in the boarding and landing areas to prevent fingers, feet, or foreign objects from getting caught between the moving pedals and the floor. This part is used for escalators or moving walkways in the transitional area of ​​stairways, moving parts and fixed parts of entrance and exit areas. Here, the stairs through the comb board. The exact step positioning is very important. Escalators are used in different climates around the world. The natural yellow color of the material provides a good visual warning of the transition between moving parts and stationary parts, helping to increase passenger safety.

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Top and bottom landing platforms

      These two platforms accommodate the curved part of the curve, as well as the gears and motors that drive the stairs. The top platform contains the motor assembly and the main drive gear while the bottom holds the step back to the idler sprocket. These sections also anchor the ends of the escalator trusses. In addition, the platform contains a floor and a comb board. The stairs provide a place for the passengers to stand before moving the stairs. The panel is flush with the finished floor and can be hinged or detachable for easy access to the machine below. Escalator comb plates are the part between the fixed floor and the moving steps. It is named because it has a series of teeth at the edge that resemble combs. These teeth mesh with the mating splint on the edge of the step. This design is necessary to minimize the difference between steps and landings, which helps to prevent objects from getting caught in gap.

  • Round light

A circular light was installed in the boarding and landing areas on the interior panel.


  • Comb light

Lighting is provided on the comb-like level at the end of the escalator to increase lighting.

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